Planned Maintenance

Access Overhead provides an in-depth and organized planned maintenance program for overhead doors, dock, and gate equipment. Using this program will minimize down time and detect the early onset of damaged equipment. Access technicians are trained to provide a detailed report that will be shared after each PM appointment.


Access Overhead provides solutions for outdated or ineffective equipment. Listed below are just some of the retrofit opportunities Access can provide for your facility- electric operator, dock equipment, and overhead doors.

Commercial Repairs

Priding ourselves on quick and quality service, Access Overhead can handle any dock, gate, or overhead door repair. Every Access technician is highly skilled and will exemplify the highest form of professionalism. All work is warranted and 24-hour emergency service is available.

Fire Door Drop Test

Fire door testing is an integral part to facility maintenance. Our organization trains and certifies technicians will perform a drop-test to assure Fire Door readiness. A detailed report will be submitted after inspection.

Contact us today for a Fire-drop test.

Cloud-based Facility Management

Access Overhead offers cloud-based solutions to monitor and enhance facility maintenance. Click the links below to be directed to 2 of our cloud-based providers

Specialty Doors & Projects

From Installing Airport Hangar doors to physically cutting an opening wide enough to fit a new door, Access has the know-how and expertise to handle unique types of projects. Our management team and technicians enjoy unfamiliar challenges and will plan out accordingly the best course of action to tackle any special projects our customers have.

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