Preventative Maintenance Program

A Preventative Maintenance Program is an excellent option for our Commercial customers who, on a consistent basis, use their doors daily in their business operation.

Over time, Commercial overhead doors wear down and without proper servicing, your doors are potentially at risk for failing. Our Maintenance Program is a two step process which will have your doors functioning like new and allows our technicians to identify any potential problems with your door before they happen, ultimately saving you money.

Traditionally, the maintenance program is a quarterly process (4 times a year), but can be adjusted to fit the needs of your company.

Step 1 – Detailed Inspection of Overhead Door and Hardware

  • Identify all worn, damaged or missing parts
  • An analysis of overhead door operator will be done (if present)
  • Safety testing of the door
  • Lubricate all moving parts

Step 2 – Adjust equipment – Replace Broken Hardware

  • Equipment & hardware will be adjusted to function better
  • All equipment will be logged by type, brand, size, model.
  • All major repairs will be quoted
  • 24-hour emergency service

Step 3 – Detailed Report Provided

  • The Service Report will detail all of the scope of work done, show what repairs may be needed along with the overall condition of equipment/doors
  • Additional repairs will be quoted
  • All work is warranted & 24-hour Emergency Service is available